The Uncontested Divorce is a quick process with the least amount of emotional and monetary strain on the parties and their children.


In most cases the parties have reached an agreement on most or all of the issues and want to settle and finalize the matter peacefully and quickly.  Only one of the spouses needs to obtain an attorney to finalize the matter.  The attorney will draft, file and serve all the necessary documents on the uncontesting party for his/her perusal and signature.  The uncontesting party is also welcome to contact the attorney should he/she need clarification on any issues.  However, the attorney’s loyalty will always be with his instructing party.


If all the parties agree on all the issues concerned, an uncontested divorce can be finalized within 6 – 8 weeks.



The Contested Divorce is a lengthy, expensive and mostly emotionally charged process which places huge strain on the parties concerned as well as their children.


A Contested Divorce occurs when the parties concerned cannot reach an agreement on the issues surrounding their divorce, for example custody over the children, the amount of maintenance to be paid and how their estate will be divided.  These divorcescan last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years or longer and can be extremely expensive.  However, many contested divorces never go to trial and the parties settle before the matter goes to court.  This normally happens after months of attempting to reach an agreement.  We therefore recommend that the parties reach an agreement beforehand and opt for an uncontested divorce, when the circumstances allow for it.


Due to the fact that we cannot determine how long these matters will take to finalize or what ancillary expenses will have to be borne, we charge an hourly rate for contested divorces.  This hourly rate will not include the cost of the advocate, expert witnesses, sheriffs etc. who will also charge a fee





A Rule 43 Application offers temporary relief during the divorce process.  One of the spouses’ attorneys applies to the Court for either one or more of the following:

Interim maintenance until the divorce is finalized and a final Court Order is granted.


A contribution towards the costs of the pending divorce.


Interim custody of any minor child/children.


Interim access to any minor child/children.


This application is especially useful if you are financially dependant on your spouse and want to divorce him/her or if your spouse refuses you access to your minor child/children after the divorce proceedings have been initiated.  In these cases a Rule 43 application can bring interim relief until a final divorce order is granted.


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